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WAS $2595, NOW $2100!!! The Apollo is an idealized version of everyones favorite bass amp from the 60s and 70s (can't say the name, lawyers and all that). The original 50watt bass amp had some limitations and bad behaviors that we have eliminated. We have also added a couple of features that make the amp much more useable for modern bass players. Overall, I believe we have made a very useful, sweet, and robust little amp that will suit most gigs out side of very loud rock gigs, but for studio work, stages with in-ear monitors, small clubs, etc. this amp should be very effective and fun to play! Features, besides the normal Treble and Bass tone stack associated with vintage amps, it has as 3-way Pad switch that adjusts the input pad or dampening from none to _ pad and to full pad. The none setting is for getting rock-bass tones . . . Entwistle, Tom Peterson, Geddy Lee, Chris Squire, etc. The 1/2 pad setting for normal/vintage bass input type of signals that allow a normal range of cleans to mild break-up tones that are very musical. (Remember that bass break-up is very musical in a well built tube amp, whereas; solid state amps don't really break-up in a musical fashion). You can go from Jamerson to McCartney with ease in this range. The Full pad is for basses with active electronics or players who like to play with a very hard right hand. The Full pad will keep you from overdriving the amp to a much great degree. We also have a bandwidth switch labeled Normal and Full. The Normal setting limits the frequency response of the circuit to the vintage spec and will allow you to very accurately recreate the great tones of the old amps. The Full setting will expand the Bass and Treble frequencies of the circuit nicely to allow for the sound of a much bigger amp; especially when mic'd. This switch is most useful in making old basses sound new and new basses sound old. Its surprisingly effective. The cabinet is a very punchy, tight, and full sounding 1x15 with a special Celestion bass speaker that we contributed to the design. Celestion has done a fantastic job with the speaker and really makes this little amp sound big! The cab is from 11ply Baltic Birch again with _ blind dovetail joints. So it compact, light and extremely rugged. There is also and FX loop in the back for playing around. We left off the D.I. because every road bass player that we spoke to said they always prefer the sound of the latest and greatest DI Box rather than the on-board DI of their amps. It was made clear that this offering was perceived as a useless marketing ploy that was a waste of time. Two 6SL7 preamp tubes, two 6L6 output tubes, rectifier 5AR4