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Dirty Boy Bass Bully Dirty Boy Bass Bully

Bass Players: We Haven't Forgotten About You

There seems to be a hole in the marketplace for effects for the bass players, just like at one time there wasn't much available for left hand players. Hence I created the "Bass Bully."

What began this whole madness was when we noticed in one of the top studios in Los Angeles a Bass rig they had installed in a Lunch Box. After some inquiry, it turned out to be an old German Bass circuitry that they used for both Direct Recording and Boost and Fuzz. I traced the origin of that bass and formulated a way to put it into a pedal without changing the circuitry. So it is a global system which means that your bass instrument both Volume and Tone need to be turned all the way up, then you control Volume and Tone only from the pedal.

And yes you may hear a little scratching in the pots but it is irrelevant since you don't usually change the amount  of fuzz while you are playing. That is true to the original design and identical transistors create that unbelievable fuzz sound.

To begin with, it has an EQ circuit built in the pedal which I feel is superior to the circuit included in most basic basses. Most basic basses have a capacitor to ground for tone control. This EQ is based on a blend of capacitance, and that alone is worth the cost of admission.

The first position on the pedal is a Boost Feature. It does just that, boosts your signal and somehow adds a GLOW to your sound. This circuit is based on an INDUCTOR circuit like the wah pedals have. It is very cool. ( also worth the cost of admission )

The 2nd position on the pedal is a simple Fuzz. It is incredibly smooth and actually amazing since most of you know how difficult is is to fuzz a bass signal. Bass players have been forced to use guitar pedals up to now until the "BASS BULLY" arrived.

3rd position is like using 2 pedals in one. One is the Bass Boost, the other the Bass Fuzz. They are wired in series so the signal will go through the boost before getting to the fuzz so you can blend the two. Why you ask add a boost and a fuzz, well if you want that totally over the top, Farty 60's Sly and the Family Stone sound, there it is...

You will have tons of fun with this pedal and it is beyond belief in the studio...

Our Price: $525.00