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Bag End S-15N Bass Cabinet

Electric Bass Guitar Acoustic Bass Instruments Chapman Stick

 The Bag End® S15-D is a super compact single 15” musical instrument speaker well matched to the electric guitar, electric bass, or acoustic bass. It has damped spring loaded handles, shock absorbing corners, and a 3/4” thick plywood cabinet covered in our Deep Red carpet making it a very portable, and durable speaker enclosure. It is rear vented, with 2 parallel Neutrik® combo 1/4” + SpeakON jacks for high current connections. Its excellent sound and modest size make it a great choice for a stand alone system for most gigs or as part of a larger multi way modular system. The S15-D includes the same quality and workmanship that has made Bag End® Deep Red legendary among the best musicians throughout the world.
System Type:
Rear vented 1.5 ft3 Enclosure:
3/4” 13-ply solid hardwood core plywood
Deep Red Carpet
16 Gauge black power coated perforated steel
Low Frequency Components:
Transducers, 15” cone, 2.5” Voice coil, 80 oz. Magnet
Input Connector:
Neutrik® speakON 1/4” combo jack Hardware:
2 - Handles
8 - Protective corners
103 dB SPL (2.83 V @ 1m)
Frequency Response:
46 Hz to 4 kHz ±6 dB
Power Handling:
300 W continuous (IEC) 600 W program
Recommended Ampli er Power:
300 to 600 W at rated impedance
Rated Impedance:
8 Ohms
A positive asymmetrical signal applied to the + terminal will result in a positive asymmetrical acoustical pressure
18.5”h x 18.5”w x 15.5”d 47 cm x 47 cm x 39 cm
44 lbs 20 kg
BAG END® is a registered trademark of Bag End, Inc.
BAG END Loudspeakers . 1201 Armstrong Street . Algonquin, Illinois, 60102 USA . Voice 847 658 8888 . Fax 847 658 5008 . www.bagend.com . V.091616
Musical Instrument Systems, especially loudspeakers for use with stringed instruments, require more than just technical expertise. Over the years Bag End® has employed the highest degree of technology into these systems, but beyond that, we consider the loudspeaker to be an extension of the instrument itself. A well designed loudspeaker will reproduce all the characteristics of the instrument, but it also adds some of its own timber to the sound. Since before Bag End® was formed in 1976 the founders were both technicians and musicians and they incorporated both good taste and technology into the sound of the loudspeaker
systems. Over the years some of the original designs proved to be exactly what many musicians wanted and therefore, have not changed for over 3 decades.
Deep Red Carpeted Cabinets are constructed with high grade U.S. solid core hardwood plywood and covered in our unique Deep Red carpet. The Deep Red carpet is a custom blend of mostly black  bers but a closer look reveals a small percentage of ruby red colored  bers that give it a unique color  avor. On stage the cabinets look dark, almost black, but up close they reveal a stately dark red texture. Deep Red carpet is thick and strong and is made from durable  ber that resists shedding and breakdown over time and use. Proprietary glue and assembly techniques keep the carpet and the cabinet a tight solid package that resists wear and stress over time. Deep Red cabinets made over 20 years ago and in constant use have retained their solid sound, good looks and structural stability.
Bag End loudspeakers began in 1976 in a small shop by
people dedicated to the pursuit of making high quality loudspeaker systems. Over the decades Bag End® has employed the very best construction techniques and innovative acoustical designs into their products. The ground breaking introductions of the Time-Align® and ELFTM Technologies into sound reinforcement and studio monitor loudspeakers in the 1980’s was followed by Minima OneTM self-powered systems and the highly unique E-TrapTM, electronic bass trap. Over the decades, Bag End® has been a leader in providing uniquely good sounding products and extraordinary service to our customers world wide.
                                                                                                                                          BAG END Loudspeakers . 1201 Armstrong Street . Algonquin, Illinois, 60102 USA . Voice 847 658 8888 . Fax 847 658 5008 . www.bagend.com . V.091616

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