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Euphonic Audio amps and speaker cabinets faithfully reproduce, without coloration, the tone that “comes from your hands, your heart, and your soul.”
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Euphonic Audio Wizzy E-112 Euphonic Audio Wizzy-112 M-Line Euphonic Audio iAmp Doubler II
Euphonic Audio Wizzy E-112
Our Price: $599.00

The idea is simple: the less intrusions that get between your instrument and your ears, the more likely you’ll hear the sound you create. And that’s the principle that started the EA Wizzy revolution.

We started with a super-woofer that uses a ‘wizzy’ high-frequency cone inserted at its center. This eliminates the need for a separate tweeter, crossover and extra wiring – all items that separate you from your sound. What’s left is a speaker cabinet in its simplest form. Built in Italian Poplar tuned with our transmission line cabinet design, the result is pure bliss – a balance of warmth and accuracy that fits bassists of all shapes and sizes. The Wizzy 12 delivers “fliptop sound for the new millenium.” And it might be the best all purpose compact bass speaker cabinet ever made. It easily reproduces the low ‘B’ on a bass guitar, punches out rock and soul, and reveals all the emotion in your playing.

Whether driving an R&B quartet, or a bluegrass quintet, the “12” will be the one you’ll take everywhere.


Configuration: 1×12 bass cabinet
Woofer: Proprietary EA 12″
Tweeter: Integral ‘whizzer’ cone
Frequency Response: 45Hz to 12kHz
Sensitivity: 103dB @ 1m
Sound Pressure: 126dB @ 1m
Power Handling: 200 watts
Impedance: 4 or 8 ohms
Connection Type: Two Speakon connectors
Handle: 2 integrated custom steel handles
Size: 17″H x 17″W x 12.5″D
Weight: 29 lbs

M-Line cabinets are a Euphonic Audio exclusive. They are an application of transmission line technology that can only be found in high-end audio speakers and studio monitors.
When applied to a bass speaker like the Wizzy 12, it adds a high-fidelity spin for those looking for the flattest response in a 1×12 cabinet configuration. Of course, this is only possible because we started with a successful design – the Wizzy itself, the speaker cabinet that uses a super-woofer with a “wizzy” high-frequency cone at its center. This eliminates numerous parts that separate you from your sound. What’s left is a speaker cabinet in its purest form.
The Wizzy 12 M-Line is a very special cabinet. In many ways, it’s our replacement for the VL-208, considered by many to be the best cabinet ever created for Upright Bass and Bass Guitar. The 12 M is like playing through a studio monitor for bass, yet one that can play at stage volumes. No matter what the music, the 12 M lets you hear your bass as exactly as it sounds.


• Configuration: 1×12 M-Line bass cabinet
• Woofer: Proprietary EA 12″ woofer
• Tweeter: Integral “whizzer” cone
• Frequency Response: 45Hz to 12kHz
• Sensitivity: 103dB @ 1m
• Sound Pressure: 126dB @ 1m
• Power Handling: 200 watts
• Impedance: 8 or 4 ohms
• Connection Type: Two Speakon connectors
• Handle: Two integrated custom steel handles
• Size: 19.5″H x 16″W x 12.75″D
• Weight: 34 lbs.

EA makes micro heads for bassists who like to hear their instruments without amp colorations. Bassists prize the two-channel iAMP Micro and Doubler amplifiers for their clear tone and small, lightweight form factor. To improve upon this design, we’re introducing the Doubler II.

Among EA’s biggest supporters are professional players who might find themselves playing a 5-string bass guitar on Friday night and an Upright Bass on Saturday. Or maybe both on the same gig. These bassists are called Doublers, and they finally have an amp worthy of their name. Doublers have specific demands: hi-fi accuracy, the power to drive the low ‘b’ on an electric bass or handle the power of a ‘doghouse’ played full tilt, and a series of unique features that allow for the proper amplification of an Upright Bass. Features like a two channel preamp for getting a properly mixed stage sound, with one channel optimized for piezo pickups and one for mics, and a set of filters that eliminate the feedback common to Upright basses. An DI XLR out sends both channels to the sound board.

Amazingly, the EA’s Doubler has all of this, and packs it all in a 4 pound box with over 600 watts of power on tap.


Inputs: 2 independent channels, Channel 1 Mid EQ set at 500Hz for electric bass, Channel 2 Mid EQ set at 800Hz for upright/acoustic bass- Channel 2 has XLR input with phantom power
Input Impedance: 1Meg ohm input impedance on both inputs
Trim controls: Independent channel level adjustments, DI output level, and high pass filter
Intelligent Input Switching: Select different settings for 1 bass or have independent setups for 2 basses, Channel 1 or Channel 2, or Channel 1+2
Controls: Channel switch, Input gain, 3-Band EQ, Master Volume, Mute switch, Effects loop blend
EQ: Low, Mid, and High for each channel. Variable high pass filter 22-80 Hz, 6db per octave (Channel 2 only: allows selection of a frequency below which response is reduced, helps boomy rooms and stages). Channel 2 also includes switchable Phantom Power, Variable Phase Control, and switchable Variable Notch Filter. Switch selectable 80Hz Pre-emphasis filter on each channel. Switch selectable 25-50-80Hz high pass filter on each channel
Effects Loop: Parallel effects loop with blend control, wide range of setups via internal jumpers
Outputs: Speakon speaker, tuner, effects send, balanced DI XLR out
Protection: Internal cooling fan, thermal and overload
Line Voltage: 100/120 – 240 volts externally selected with switch
Frequency Response: 20Hz to 20kHz +/- 3dB
Power Output: 625 watts @ 4 ohms, 450 watts @ 8 ohms
Size: 2.5″H x 11.25″W x 7.5″D
Weight: 4 lbs.