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Nordstrand NM4 Mustang Bass Pickups Nordstrand MM5.2 Bass Pickup Single (Lakland) Nordstrand NP4 P Precision Bass Pickup Set
Nordstrand NM4 Mustang Bass Replacement Pickups. Uses Existing Pickup Covers, none supplied.  FREE SHIPPING!

A 5 string version of the otherwise identical MM4.2, itself an accurate reproduction of an early pre-Ernie Ball® pickup. It features Alnico V magnets and heavy Formvar wire for an authentic punchy, growly, and inherently fat tone. The MM5.2 is a dual coil pickup that can be wired series, parallel, or single coil (split-able). Includes black cover (exposed pole pieces).

The industry never really adapted a standard for this style of pickup, and as a result there are at least 3 different spacing and cover combinations. This version has a larger shape with ears and wide spacing to fit Lakland® and other basses with wider spacing. FREE SHIPPING!

A faithful reproduction of one of the most famous pickups in the world. It will give a very big and full tone with the slightly hollow grind that the original's are known for.  FREE SHIPPING!
Nordstrand MM4.4 Bass Pickup Single Music Man Nordstrand NJ4 Bass Pickup Set Nordstrand BigMan 4 String Pickup Set
This is a quad coil version of the famous Music Man style pickup.  It has the ability to have either the front or the rear coil soloed and still maintain silent operation.  It can also be wired parallel or series depending on your taste.  In any configuration, it is a great organic sounding pickup, with lots of bottom, a growly midrange, and nice clean pleasant highs.  FREE SHIPPING! A vintage style single coil pickup made with 60's era correct formvar wire and Alnico V magnets. These pickups have a very even and full sound with that snap and grind associated with the great basses of that time.  FREE SHIPPING! The Bigman pickup is not subtle in the least. Two Big Singles jammed under a Music Man style cover without compromise in wire amount, or magnet load. The result is a pickup that is fantastically muscular and unrelentingly powerful. (Bigman 5 pictured)

Nordstrand NJ5 Bass Pickup Set Nordstand DC4 Dual Coil Humbucking 4 string Set Series Wind

Five string single coil pickups in the same style as the NJ4. Featuring Alnico V magnets and the same winding pattern as the four, these are very fat sounding with plenty of growl and bark. Includes closed black covers.


This is a modern design dual coil humbucking pickup. Pickups like these are usually found on very high end basses. They use Alnico V magnets and the traditional bi-pole layout with two poles per string. It’s almost like two Jazz Bass® style pickups in one cover.

These pickups are available in two different versions. One set is designed to be wired in parallel, and the other in series. The reason Nordstrand does this is that a pickup that is made to sound good wired parallel will usually be too hot and dark sounding if wired in series. So, Nordstrand puts less wire on a series dual coil than a parallel dual coil. In general, a pickup wired in series will have a fuller and fatter midrange with a subdued high end than a pickup wired in parallel, which will typically have more highs and a deeper low end with a cleaner midrange. Series pickups also have more output than parallel pickups. Parallel pickups are generally a better choice for a split-able installation, as there will not be the gain loss associated with series pickups.

These pickups are available only in black plastic covers with exposed pole pieces.