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TecAmp Pleasure Pump 500 head
Specifically developed to power our Pleasure Board TecAmp’s Pleasure Pump is much more than just a simple power amp. Gain controls for Instrument -In and Line-In are further complemented by an effective 3 band tone control section that lets one easily fine tune the response characteristics of the Pleasure Board. A low pass filter allows the Pleasure Pump precise control, and allows the use of the Pleasure Pump as a power amp to drive subwoofers as well as Pleasure Boards.

Pleasure Pump may be used with a submix feed (drums, percussion, bass, etc.) or by plugging one's bass into the Instrument In along with, or
without any other instruments in a submix. The Pleasure Pump is the perfect solution for players desiring visceral information to enhance  the performance of in ear monitor system. Pleasure Pump and Pleasure Board are a completely new way of transmitting low frequencies.
​Output: 500 watts
Width: 10.7in
Height: 1.7in
Depth: 8.3in
Weight: 2.2lbs