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Aguilar PSU-1 9 volt Universal Power Adapter Aguilar PSU-2 18 volt Universal Power Adapter Korg Pitchblack Mini Tuner Pedal
Aguilar Amplification Universal Power Supply for Aguilar Effects Pedals.

This universal power supply accepts 100-240 volts and include 4 different AC adapter plates to work with any countries AC outlet.
9 -volt version.

Aguilar Amplification Universal Power Supply for Aguilar Effects Pedals.

This universal power supplie accepts 100-240 volts and include 4 different AC adapter plates to work with any countries AC outlets.

18-volt version.

Electro Harmonix Bass Blogger Aguilar Octamizer Bass Octave Pedal MXR M84 Bass Fuzz Deluxe
MXR M84 Bass Fuzz Deluxe
Our Price: $129.99
The Electro-Hamonix Bass Blogger's ultra-subtle distortion creates the perfect dialog with your drummer. Dial in your ideal fuzz with the effect pedal's no-fuss, three-knob design and fuzz/drive selector switch. Dry/effect outputs. Electro-Harmonix XO Bass Blogger Distortion Effects Pedal Features: Volume, tone, drive controls Fuzz/drive toggle Dry out Effect out Free Shipping! BACK IN STOCK! Every bass player wants deep organic tone. The Octamizer™ is the innovative analog octave pedal from Aguilar. Designed to create a wide range of musical sounds an octave below your original note, you will be " octamized" ! The Octamizer™ features independent volume controls for both the "Clean" and "Octave" sounds, so dialing in the exact amount of each is a cinch. The two discrete signal paths also have their own tone controls that were specifically designed to enhance and expand their musical possibilities. The "Clean Tone" control uses a Full Spectrum Tilt EQ, allowing for the boosting of treble while cutting bass or boosting of bass while cutting treble. This unique circuit allows you to create a clean sound that creates an octave doubling effect or to blend the sounds together for a great thick, snarky synth tone. The Octamizer's "Octave Filter" control is a multipole low-pass Filter that lets you shape the octave sound from smooth and deep to edgy and aggressive. Features: Proprietary detector circuit for superior tracking Dual Filter Architecture Full Spectrum Tilt EQ for Clean sound Continuously variable multipole low-pass Filter for Octave sound Gig-saver bypass (signal passes even if your battery dies) Powered by one nine volt battery or optional universal power supply Heavy Duty steel construction Specs: Inputs: One 1/4" jack Outputs: One 1/4" jack EQ: Full Spectrum Tilt EQ for Clean sound Continuously variable multipole low-pass Filter for Octave sound Controls: Engage switch Next up in the award-winning MXR Bass Innovations line is the Bass Fuzz Deluxe. We dug up a rare vintage fuzz and modified it for the modern bassist. The resulting stompbox delivers a cutting and bold fuzz tone without degrading the punch and clarity of your original signal.

With separate Dry and Wet level controls, the Bass Fuzz Deluxe sounds like you’re running two different amps. Blend to taste, from subtle hairiness to full on raging fuzz, with Fuzz and Tone controls affecting only the Wet signal. The Bass Fuzz Deluxe features true hardwire bypass.
Way Huge Electronics Swollen Pickle MKII Heavy Electronics El Oso Bass Distortion Zvex Mastotron
Zvex Mastotron
Our Price: $159.00
The most sought after and corpulent Way Huge pedal is back! The Swollen Pickle MkII surrenders super high-gain fuzz with copious amounts of smooth low-end to all who dare plug into it. With a twist of the Sustain control, you’re taken from mild crunch to Armageddon! The Filter control retains its trademark insane range of heavily band-pass-filtered tones, distinguished by remarkable girth and sizzle, and the Loudness puts out enough volume to clobber any amp! Newly added features include a tone stack Scoop control that elicits classic Swollen Pickle mid-scoop or a flat mid-frequency sweep, and a Crunch knob to adjust the compression intensity of the fuzz. Finally, under the hood, the Swollen Pickle MkII has two internal mini controls; Voice sets the intensity of the external scoop control from light to heavy mid cut, and Clip varies between two sets of clipping diodes for smooth or opened fuzz sustain. Crushing Bass Distortion... The Oso is the lowest and baddest distortion circuit presented by Heavy Electronics so far. El Oso blends roaring low-end gain with the dry signal and readily pours out both thump and gain to the input of your amp. Mix knob has total effect, at full mix there is no hint of the dry signal and at zero mix the output signal is undistinguishable from the true-bypass signal. A JFET input signal buffer guarantees a solid match with the wide variety of impedances found in bass pickups. Distortion top-end is rolled-off nicely, with plenty of room for a bright maple-board P-bass and enough contouring to do away with any harshness often found in lesser bass distortions. Using the mix and gain knob together the user can create a deep palette of bass distortion tones. High gain and low mix sounds very different than low gain and mix even though dynamically similar. Very simple to use and operate users will "find the tone" within seconds. Perfect for the stage-performing bassist.

Hand-made in Minneapolis Mn. by Musicians -Lifetime Warranty (Barring Obvious Abuse) -Upgrades, Repairs and Mods Available for Life -Voiced Openly for Guitar, Bass or any Instrument -True Bypass Switching & Minimum Length Leads -PCB Designed, Printed and Populated by H.E. -1 oz. Copper 1/16" Single Point Mounted PCB -24mm Large Size Pots for Maximum Reliability -Flying Leads to all Potentiometers and Jacks -Neutrik or Switchcraft 1/4 inch Signal Jacks -Sealed Metal LED Housing with Flying Leads -9V 200MA Power for Maximum Compatibility -Powder-Coated Die-Cast Aluminum Enclosure -Excellent Customer-Service Ready to Help -Inquire for Custom-Options, Colors and Graphics -Dual Quality-Control Testing (both Audio & Build)
A sub-heavy silicon fuzz with some new twists: An input impedance control (push/relax) that adjusts from passive pickupsto line level. It works very well for re-amping bass tracks that needto be fuzzed up after tracking and keyboards. There’s also a three-position sub control switch, a treble tone control, adjustable pulse width, and a wide fuzz depth control. More flexible than any silicon fuzz to date.

Pedal Dimensions (LxWxH): 4.70" x 2.38" x 1.82"
Source Audio Soundblox 2 Multiwave Bass Distortion Source Audio Soundblox 2 Dimension Reverb Source Audio Soundblox 2 Manta Bass Filter Pedal
The Soundblox 2 Multiwave Bass Distortion includes all the low-end retaining distortion and fuzz tones of the original Soundblox Multiwave Bass Distortion, repackaged in a compact, cast-aluminum housing. The pedal features 23 traditional and non-traditional synth-like effects plus a Clean Boost mode, two user presets, three-band tone control, separate Clean and Distortion Mix knobs, Universal Bypass™ (selectable buffered or true bypass), a three-level noise gate, and a Multi-function input compatible with Hot Hand®, the Source Audio Dual Expression Pedal, or MIDI*. Use the Hot Hand Motion Sensor Ring or the Source Audio Dual Expression Pedal for on-the-fly control over any of the six adjustable parameters or to seamlessly morph from one user preset to the other. Plug in a MIDI controller for external access to presets and parameters.

The Soundblox 2 Multiwave Bass Distortion features both multi band and single band processing. Multi band processing splits the input signal into ten distinct frequencies bands, distorts each one separately then recombines them for the final output signal. The effect is a crisp distortion with superior low-end preservation and note articulation. Single band processing employs a more conventional approach, applying a single distortion element to the entire signal. The processing categories are further broken down into three subcategories: “Normal”, for a more traditional distortion curve, “Foldback”, for an aggressive, synth-like fuzz and “Octave”, for unique octave-up distortion effects.

Diverse Sound Palette — Featuring 23 varieties of our unique distortion algorithms with an additional CLEAN BOOST mode.
Multiband Processing — Signal is split into multiple bands and distorted individually for unprecedented sound clarity.
Compact, cast aluminum housing.
2 User Presets easily recalled via two footswitches.
Universal Bypass — selectable buffered or true bypass.
3-band tone control — select between “treble”, “mid”, and “bass” for precision tone sculpting.
Noise Gate — easily activated 3-level noise gate.
Multi-function In — use an expression pedal or the Hot Hand Motion Sensor to morph between presets or manipulate any of the six assignable parameters.
MIDI Capable — the Multi-function In jack also allows MIDI access to presets and parameters.
State-of-the-art DSP — Our proprietary 56-bit Digital Signal Processor, the SA601, and crystal clear 24-bit converters.
9V DC power supply included
The Soundblox 2 Dimension Reverb offers 12 distinct shades of reverb. Choose from 6 reflectively diverse room sounds, two plate and two spring reverbs, modulation reverb, and echo. The assignable “Option” knob makes it possible to adjust 9 different parameters: wet/dry mix, time (i.e. resonance), bass, treble, pre-delay, diffusion, output level, modulation rate, and modulation depth.

The Soundblox 2 Dimension Reverb features a compact, durable cast aluminum housing, 2 user presets, and Multi-function in and out jacks compatible with Hot Hand®, the Source Audio Dual Expression Pedal, or MIDI*. Use the Hot Hand Motion Sensor or the expression pedal for on-the-fly control over any of the 9 adjustable parameters, or plug in a MIDI controller for external access to presets and parameters.

Diverse Sound Palette — Featuring 6 different room sounds, 2 plate reverbs, 2 spring reverbs, modulation reverb, and echo.
Compact, cast aluminum housing.
2 User Presets easily recalled via two footswitches.
Universal Bypass — selectable buffered or true bypass.
9 Adjustable Parameters — adjust the wet/dry mix, time (i.e. resonance), treble, bass, pre-delay, diffusion, output level, modulation rate, and modulation depth.
Multi-function In — use the Source Audio Dual Expression Pedal or the Hot Hand Motion Sensor for on-the-fly control over any of the 9 adjustable parameters.
MIDI Capable — the Multi-function In jack also allows MIDI access to presets and parameters.
State-of-the-art DSP — Our proprietary 56-bit Digital Signal Processor, the SA601, and crystal clear 24-bit converters.
9V DC power supply included
Dimensions: L: 4.5 in./11.4cm x W: 4.5 in./11.4cm x H: 2.25 in./5.7cm (including knobs)

The Soundblox 2 Manta Bass Filter is the next generation of the popular Soundblox Pro Bass Envelope Filter. The Manta features 12 finely crafted filter effects plus eight variations of distortion, a feature not seen before in the Soundblox line of filter effects. These Distortion Types are not just crunch, or amp simulation; they are specifically designed to work in tandem with the filter effect selections. The pedal’s filters are controllable by its 2 envelope followers, or sine, square, and saw tooth LFO. Plus, like all Soundblox 2 pedals, the Manta is compatible with the Source Audio Dual Expression Pedal, the Hot Hand 3 Wireless Effects Controller, or MIDI control signals via the Soundblox HUB.

The Manta features a very unique signal path, internally splitting the instrument’s dry and distorted signals. The dry signal alone controls the envelope, increasing the playing response from the filter. The pedal’s 12 filter effects include 2 and 4-pole Low-Pass, Single-Peak, Multi-Peak, and Phasers. The Distortion Types include Hard and Soft clip, Octave distortion, Fold-back, Quantized, and synth-like Gated Fuzz. Each distortion has independent gain levels adjusted by the Drive control.


· Diverse Sound Palette — Features up to 24 different Low Pass, High Pass, Band Pass, Single Peak, Multi-Peak, and Notch filters.

· Deep Control Set — Access to control parameters typically found in only professional rack-mount effects, or computer software.

· Drive/Distortion Type — Add a variety of gain and distortions to any of the Manta’s effects for an added boost and flavor.

· State-of-the-Art DSP — Our proprietary 56-bit Digital Signal Processor, the SA601, and crystal clear 24-bit converters.

· Multi-Function Jacks — Use the Source Audio Hot Hand motion sensors, or Dual Expression Pedal, for on-the-fly control over modulation or any adjustable parameter.

· MIDI Capable — Use the Soundblox HUB (connected to the Multi-Function Input) to allow MIDI access to controlling parameters, and save up to 128 user presets.

· Universal Bypass — Select either analog buffered or relay based True Bypass.

· Compact, rugged, cast aluminum housing.

· 9V DC power supply included

· Dimensions: L: 4.5in/11.4cm x W: 4.5in/11.4cm x H: 2.25in/5.7cm (including knobs)

Boss SYB-5 Bass Synthesizer MXR M83 Bass Chorus Deluxe Darkglass Tone Capsule Onboard Preamp
MXR M83 Bass Chorus Deluxe
Our Price: $169.99
The BOSS SYB-3 was the world's first bass synthesizer to be packed into a compact pedal, and it found favor with experimentalists and tone afficiandos alike. Today, the next-generation bass-synth pedal has arrived - the SYB-5. Utilizing the latest in DSP technology, the SYB-5 faithfully reproduces the fat and sharp sound characteristics of classic analog synthesizers. The MXR Bass Chorus Deluxe is powered by pure analog bucket-brigade technology, serving up shimmering, liquid chorus and swooshing, metallic flanger effects while preserving the punch and fundamental of your low end.

The Bass Chorus Deluxe features top-mounted Flanger and X-Over buttons with LED status indicators. In X-Over Mode, modulation in low frequencies is decreased at 100Hz—perfect for playing upper register chords, melodies and fills while keeping the low end in tune. With Bass and Treble controls you can cut or boost lows and highs and shape the tonal character of the effect. For a wide stereo sound, select the TRS (tip-ring-sleeve) Stereo Hardwire Bypass Mode via an internal switch. In this mode, you can use a TRS to TS (tip-sleeve) Y-splitter cable to send the effect signal to two different amplifiers, allowing the modulation to move from left to right.
The Tone Capsule is a new, unusual take on onboard
preamplifiers.  It’s designed to respect
your instruments natural character, while expanding exponentially  on the tonal possibilities.

The Tone Capsule is unique in the way that it doesn’t have a
Treble control.  The idea was Sheldon
Dingwall’s: he thought that making a Bass-Mid-Treble was too normal for his
liking, because everyone does it that way, so he suggested including a second
mid control instead.  Darkglass loved the
idea!  Especially because the second
control could be configured to operate at the higher end of the spectrum,
offering all the benefits a second Treble control (increased clarity and
definition when boosting), but with a more natural, less harsh and noiseless
T-Rex Bass Juice EBS Metal Drive FREE SHIPPING! Mad Professor Snow White Auto Wah
T-Rex Bass Juice
Our Price: $174.00
Distortion That Keeps Your Low End Intact
T-Rex's Bass Juice distortion pedal was designed to offer bass players all the grind they desire, without losing precious low end. The gain knob sweeps from a mild overdrive to searing high-gain tones with a thick and harmonically rich sound. A mix control lets you blend your clean signal back in to taste, ensuring you don't lose any of your lower frequencies. And the Bass Juice's boost footswitch helps you add even more gain or get a volume boost above the band. The T-Rex Bass Juice distortion pedal is built with great bass tone in mind.

T-Rex effects: guitarist designed, quality built
Danish tone pioneers T-Rex Engineering have been making quality effects pedals and guitar gear since the 1990s. T-Rex pedals are made using some of the best components in the industry, like film/foil electrolytic capacitors, lifetime-use pots, and rugged footswitches, toggles, and connectors. T-Rex's better-known pedals include the Replica digital delay and Mudhoney distortion, which can be found on the pedalboards of top musicians David Gilmour, John Mayer, Mark Tremonti, and Steve Morse, as well as many of Sweetwater's players.

T-Rex Bass Juice Distortion Pedal Features:
Distortion pedal designed for bass players
Wide ranging gain control
Mix knob lets you dial in the dry and effected signals
Boost footswitch adds more gain and volume to your sound
Rugged aluminum enclosure
The T-Rex Bass Juice is a distortion pedal that's built for you.
The EBS MetalDrive is the eighth pedal in the EBS Black Label series. The idea behind the pedal was born after modifying a MultiDrive pedal for bass player John Moyer of Disturbed, who needed a pedal for bass that delivered not only overdrive but pure metal distortion that could match Disturbeds famed heavy guitar riffs. So, EBS techs took on the commission to create the meanest and heaviest distortion pedal ever made for bass, and came up with the EBS MetalDrive!  NOW IN STOCK ! The Mad Professor Snow White Auto Wah contains circuitry based off of a remote wah circuit from a 1991 BJF rackmount, along with the inclusion of an envelope filter. It contains knobs for Sensitivity, Bias, Resonance, and Decay, the final of which controls how quickly the filter frequency returns to its start.
Big John Granny Puker MXR M87 Bass Compressor Electro Harmonix Enigma QBalls Bass Envelope Pedal
Big John Granny Puker
Our Price: $189.00
MXR M87 Bass Compressor
Our Price: $189.99
Big John Granny Puker:
The Big John Granny Puker will give you a dirty octave (down) sound & weird distortion effects. Functions are: Volume control, Mixer control (mix-in the amount of octave down), Puke control (adjusts the amount of distortion). You can use the Granny Puker as a distortion box: turn the mixer knob to the minimum (good for chords). You can use the Granny Puker as a dirty octaver: turn the mixer knob to the maximum (good for melodies). This stompbox is designed for guitar as well as for bass guitar.

Completely made & handwired in Belgium
Point-to-Point wiring for better connection & sound
Best quality components, switches, alpha pots, thicker wiring
Beautiful layout & moog-style knobs
9Vdc simple adaptor connectivity (no battery, better for nature!)
Low noise performance at loud volumes
Virtually indestructible die-cast housing
True hardwire bypass
Take your favorite studio compressor to the stage with the MXR M87 Bass Compressor. A complete array of controls—Attack, Release, Ratio, Input, and Output—makes it easy to fine-tune your sound, from subtle peak limiting to hard squashed compression effects. Its CHT™ Constant Headroom Technology gives you plenty of headroom and clear performance. This totally transparent compressor allows your full dynamic range to shine through until your signal reaches the compression threshold, which is indicated by the ten, highly visible gain-reduction status LEDs. It’s all packed into a durable, lightweight aluminum-housing pedal that’s the size of a Phase 90. The Electro-Harmonix Enigma Qballs effects pedal is a powerful and precise envelope filter fine-tuned for bass frequency response. Sculpt your envelope to reveal a truly expressive tone, with a defined and unique signature. Enigma Qballs will deliver tight and smooth control over the complete 40 Hz to 3 kHz range, with a consistent and even sweetness. Envelope controlled filters are a unique type of sound modifier where the intensity of the effect is controlled by the user's playing dynamics. The volume and dynamic of the incoming audio signal is used to control a swept filter. As the volume increases or decreases so does the frequency of the filter. With 3 selectable filter modes, along with START, STOP, ATTACK, DECAY, Q and SENSITIVITY controls, Electro-Harmonix gives you many classic and modern Q sounds to play with to dial in vivid textures like never before. An analog distortion circuit was created specifically for the Enigma Qballs, and adds a dynamic edge to the filter's sound. Need some edge? Engage Enigma's analog distortion and dial in anything from subtle bite to dominating crush. You can even plug in an optional expression pedal to control the filter sweep with your foot. With the ability to adjust Q, sweep range, and filter type, Enigma Qballs bass pedal becomes one of the most versatile wahs available. Electro-Harmonix Enigma Qballs Envelop Filter Bass Effects Pedal Features: Blend control Mode control Attack control Decay control Start control Stop control Sensitivity control Distortion footswitch/status LED Expression pedal input Bypass footswitch/status LED Input jack Effect out jack Direct out jack FREE SHIPPING!
HAO RR-1 Rust Ride Bass Overdrive Aguilar Agro Bass Distortion Pedal OnkartGromt Grombass Pedal
OnkartGromt Grombass Pedal
Our Price: $199.00
The Rust Ride Overdrive Pedal is HAO's first and only bass driver unit. Rust Ride was born to give bass players a blistering overdrive without losing low-end and note clarity. With a preset 3-position EQ switch (Normal, Bright, Warm), the Rust Ride bass stompbox offers a lot of tonal options. Also, Passive and Active inputs allow you to operate the Rust Ride bass overdrive with any type of bass pickups while individual Direct and Effect outputs allow a routing of clean bass tone to a tuner P.A., or a second amplifier for blending dry and effect signals. Using Rust Ride with a guitar reveals the whole new dimension of the pedal with tight low-end and high-octane overdrive/distortion.
3-position EQ switch
Passive and Active inputs
Direct and Effect outputs
The AGRO® is based on the saturation channel of Aguilar’s celebrated AG 500 bass head. Capable of producing everything from warm, tube-like overdrive to full on distortion, this pedal will give you the grind you need without sucking out your low end. The AGRO® offers a wealth of overdriven sounds within an easy to use, 4-knob layout. The Saturation control offers a tremendous range of distortion while the Contour control allows you to dial in a scooped or a more aggressive boosted midrange sound. The Presence knob adds the right amount of ‘attack’ ensuring that your bass remains defined even with the most saturated settings. The output level control guarantees that you’ll be able to get the distortion you want at any volume level. Features: Separate Saturation and output level controls Contour control: broad spectrum mid scoop centered around 900Hz Presence control: + 6dB/-20dB >4kHz Gig-saver bypass (signal passes even if your battery dies) Power: Nine-volt battery or optional universal power supply Heavy Duty steel construction Inputs: One 1/4" jack Outputs: One 1/4" jack Controls: Engage switch Warranty: Three year limited Optional: 9 volt power supply Now In Stock! Free Shipping! There can be a delay when the first batch is sold out, but the next will be shipped out to the first in line.

Grombass is the one distortion/drive effect for bass that you will need. It has a wide range of sounds; from slightly boosted to synth- like distortion – always preserving the low ends!

The trick is done by NOT distorting the lowest frequencies. Just the ones above a certain freq. This keeps the punch and power. Do not suffer from the usual lack of bass response in a bass distortion.

Here is an overview over the controls:
Germanium: Lowest amount of distortion, a little dirty/warm in the background
LED: Gives more bass and less treble and most distortion
Silicon: A more trebled and hiss distortion
The switch “Muffler” is a filter that changes the mids and tops. This filter is dependent on the controller «Gear»
“Turbo” is the gain on the input.
“Gear” is a tone controller that controls the gain of the lower frequencies.
“Injection” is the output volume.

“Boost” is activated when the Boost toggle switch is pressed. This gives as you might guess… extra boost.

There is also an input for expression pedal. That gives you the ability to change the amount of gain (and reduce level to compensate) while you are playing on stage.

And there is a second output called “Clean”. This is an clean boosted output depending on the “Injection” and the “Boost”.

Besides these controls, there is a potmeter inside to adjust the input level – if you want to use it with an active bass.
EBS TremoLo Pedal FREE SHIPPING! Sadowsky SBP-2 Preamp Floor Pedal Zvex Basstortion
Zvex Basstortion
Our Price: $219.00
The EBS Tremolo Guitar Effects Pedal joins the famous Black Label Pedal series. It gives you the choice of vintage type tremolo or sweeping filter effects. The sweep character can be set to three different wave forms: sine, square or sawtooth. The guitar effects pedal operates in mono or true stereo with auto panning of the tremolo effect and features true bypass.
Vintage or Sweep Filter tremolo
Sine, Square or Sawtooth waveforms
Mono or Stereo
Auto panning
True Bypass

Sadowsky's famous preamp pedal, in a smaller footprint!

Sadowsky released a new version of their popular preamp pedal. The new SBP-2 has the same famous circuit that goes on all Sadowsky basses—just like the original Sadowsky Preamp/DI pedal—but with a slimmed down design and smaller footprint, perfect for crammed pedalboards as well as vintage basses where onboard preamp installation would affect resale value. It works with all passive basses, active pickups, and upright bass pickups.

Sadowsky Bass Preamp Specs:

Frequency Response: 5Hz-20.9kHz

Power Source: 9V Batter

Battery Life: 870 Hours

Bass Control: + 13dB Boost @ 40Hz

Treble Control: + 13dB Boost @ 4kHz

Total Harmonic Distortion: 0.18% @ 1kHz

Output Impedance: 1K Ohm

This is our take on capturing what is arguably the first and last word in all tube amp distortion for bass. The debate always starts and ends with the Ampeg SVT™. The harder you dig the more it growls. The connection between your hands and that kind of natural tube distortion is primal, immediate, powerful, and musical.

Pedal Dimensions (LxWxH): 4.70" x 2.38" x 1.82"
Darkglass Vintage Microtubes Overdrive Bass Effects Pedal Source Audio Soundblox Multiwave Bass Distortion Pro Aguilar Filter Twin
Aguilar Filter Twin
Our Price: $225.00
“What we did for this one was to study the greatest and most legendary bass tones and all the components involved in creating them; amplifier brands, recording techniques, etcetera. The result is one of a kind experience. In addition to the mandatory Level and Drive knobs you can mix the clean signal in with the Blend knob. However, without any doubt the control that makes this pedal so unique and versatile is the ERA knob: This unique Knob unlocks some of the greatest tones characteristic of Rock & Roll throughout the ages! It interacts brilliantly with the Drive knob in order to recreate everything, from the smooth, warm and naturally compressed tone of the 70's to the aggressive and punchy growl of the 90's, plus everything in between!”

The Soundblox Multiwave Bass Distortion Pro inherits the power and clarity of the original Soundblox Multiwave Distortion and adapts it to the unique frequency range of the bass guitar. Bassists can effectively combine complex chords and intervals with distorted tones — multi band processing eliminates the mush and allows each note to ring clear and true. The pedal also features single band processing for more traditional distortion sounds. It’s the perfect pedal for both the studio and stage.

Users have access to 23 modern and distinctive distortions and an additional clean boost/EQ mode. Distortion curve types range from “normal” overdrive for traditional sounds to “foldback” and “octave” for more aggressive synth-like tones. Each distortion type is further customizable via the 7-band equalizer, drive control, and separate mix knobs for clean and distorted signals. This advanced sound control alleviates the tendency for low-end reduction associated with most bass effects.

Six user presets, accessible via three footswitches, assist in the speedy recall of any custom tailored sound, and a traditional expression pedal input facilitates the seamless morphing from one user preset to another. A MIDI input allows external access to presets and parameters, and, as with all Soundblox products, it is compatible with the Hot Hand ring controller.
Diverse Sound Palette — Featuring 23 varieties of our unique distortion algorithms with an added CLEAN BOOST + EQ mode.
Multiband Processing — Signal is split into multiple bands and distorted individually for unprecedented sound clarity.
State-of-the-art DSP — Our proprietary 56-bit Digital Signal Processor, the SA601, and crystal clear 24-bit converters.
6 User Presets — Easy to configure user presets in two banks selectable via 3 footswitches for quick access of your favorite sounds.
7-Band Equalizer — Ultra-precise 7-band equalizer for in-depth tone control saved per preset.
Extended Control — An expression input allows morphing of sounds between preset banks. A MIDI input allows external access to presets and parameters.
Motion Control — All Soundblox and Soundblox Pro pedals are ‘Hot Hand Ready’ and can be used with any Hot Hand motion sensor to extend the capabilities of the unit.
Active Analog Bypass — Bypass is fully routed around the DSP and active input ensures zero signal degradation.
9V DC power supply included.
Dimensions: 7 in./17.8cm (length not including I/O jacks) x 6 in./15.25cm (width) x 2 in./5cm (height, including knobs).
The Filter Twin® uses two identical filters sweeping in opposite directions - one up in frequency, one down in frequency - to give classic 70's-inspired funk sounds or completely new and original filter tones. Two filters sweeping at the same time give you a more organic, vocal quality and allow you to get expressive new sounds that you can't get from other pedals.

The Filter Twin® offers unique filter effects via an intuitive four-knob layout. The blend control allows you to adjust the mix between the filters. The threshold control determines how sensitive the unit is to different playing styles. The velocity controls determine the speed of each filter.